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Discover En L’air Studio of Dance

In French, En L’air translates to “in the air”. In ballet, it indicates a movement is to be executed in the air. At En L’air Studio of Dance, not only are our students in the air through their dancing, but they are motivated and encouraged to achieve new goals and reach new heights every day.

About En L’air Studio of Dance

Founded in 2015, En L’air Studio of Dance offers programs in dance for children and adults, as well as barre, pilates, and yoga.

Our dance program consists of classes for children from the time they are walking to graduating high school, while our 18+ program gives dancers the opportunity to continue something they love into adulthood.

Barre, pilates, and yoga is another popular program for adults with both evening and daytime class options.

Not Just A Dance Studio, A Dance Family


To inspire a life-long love of dance through exceptional teaching, leadership, and experiences.

Dance School North Haven

Our vision is to create a place where everyone can discover the joy of dance through music and movement. We truly believe the lessons your child receives in dance will help shape them into successful, caring members of the community.
Through dance we sometimes face challenges, but with perseverance we succeed. We learn that life may be full of bumps and bruises, but the end result is beautiful. We build relationships and establish teamwork. We discover how to express ourselves and our emotions, and to stand proudly in our own skin. The life lessons we learn through dance impact the young men and women your children will one day become.
This beautiful art form instills respect, self-discipline and teamwork. Through teaching dance, we strive to provide professional education and leadership to our students in a supportive environment where they can stand proudly in their own skin.

Dance School North Haven

At En L’air Studio of Dance we strive to create a welcoming environment where our values of fun, kindness, achievement, celebration, and family are clearly present.

Fun: We believe kids should be allowed to be kids and learning is fun. Our unique and creative approach to teaching allows our dancers to learn skills in a way that brings them joy.

Kindness: We believe in being friendly, respectful, and considerate of others as well as ourselves. A warm smile or words of encouragement help foster a positive community both inside and outside of the dance studio.

Achievement: We believe in the importance of goal setting, working hard towards achieving our goals, and feeling proud of our achievements. For all ages we recognize and celebrate our dancers’ progress and improvements.

Celebration: We believe in encouraging, supporting, and recognizing the achievements of others. Even our youngest dancers can be heard clapping and cheering on their dance friends.

Family: We believe in the acceptance of others. Just like home, within our studio there is a sense of belonging. That you are cared for and safe to be yourself without judgment. That you are valued and appreciated.

Dance School North Haven

Our Teachers

Jennifer Butler

Owner & Artistic Director

Miss Jen dreamt of owning her own dance studio at a young age. She began her dance training at the age of four at the Judyth Parks Academy of Dance Arts in Wallingford, CT. As a child she went through the typical indecisiveness over what she aspired to be as she grew up; a teacher, a biologist, a photographer. The list goes on, but there was no denying dance, the dance studio, her dance instructors, and her dance friends were integral and influential parts of her life. She quickly realized her goal was to open a dance studio, to create a place that is focused on family, community, and a love of dance.

Christie Fritzinger

Assistant Director & Instructor

Miss Christie began dancing at eighteen months of age at the Judyth Parks Academy of Dance Arts in Wallingford, CT. Upon graduation of high school, Miss Christie went on to study Secondary Education Mathematics at Central Connecticut State University where she also took several dance courses as well as danced competitively on the CCSU Dance Team. From a young age, Miss Christie has truly admired the precision and entertainment the Radio City Rockettes bring to the stage. During both high school and college, she spent several summers in New York City attending week-long dance intensives with the Radio City Rockettes. While Miss Christie has a love for all the dance styles, she holds a special place in her heart for tap and jazz. Miss Christie has been sharing her fast paced tap steps and creative jazz ideas with the En L’air dancers since 2016 in both tap and jazz technique classes.

Heather Shubert


Miss Heather has loved dance ever since she can remember! She started dancing when she was three years old and even cried during dress rehearsal–but once she finished her first recital, she knew she never wanted to stop dancing. She found her longtime studio home in New Steps Dance Center in East Hartford/Wethersfield, CT. She began teaching in 2013 and joined the En L’air team during the summer of 2018. Miss Heather has a husband and two children–one of whom is college bound and the other being our very own Miss Kendra, who assists with some of the younger dance classes! She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and journaling. You can find Miss Heather tapping or hip hopping her way through the studio, or teaching some of the Rising Stars and Shining Stars classes.

Allison Cristante


Miss Allie joined En L’air in 2019 after spending a few years living in Virginia. She began dancing when she was four years old and received most of her dance training at Dance Unlimited in Hamden, CT. She trained as a member of their competition team and was a part of many award-winning group performances, as well as a title-winning tap soloist. Miss Allie went on to complete some college-level dance courses, including modern dance and dance history. When she began college, she also began her dance-teaching career and taught at a local studio up until she moved to Virginia. In addition to teaching dance, Miss Allie is a toddler teacher at a daycare. She is delighted to be able to combine her passion for dance and her love for children by sharing the art of dance with them. You can find Miss Allie teaching some of the Rising Stars, and tap and hip hop technique classes.